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We play at Maylands Peninsula Public Golf Course
Swan Bank Road, Maylands 6051
Tel For Social Golf Club info only. Not for Bookings. 0407-938-980
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Welcome to the video page.

Here you will find a few eclectic golfing videos you may enjoy.

Please be warned some of the content or language may offend.

Click on the links that will open in another page/player.

A Golfing Tip.JPG01 Golfing Tip Golf Lesson with a Difference.JPG02 Helpful Instructor Robin Williams Explains Golf.JPG03 Robin Williams

04 Golf Car.JPG04 Golf Car 05 Pepsi - I'm Good.JPG05 I'm Good 06 Golfers V RC car.JPG06 Golfers V RC car

07 Angry Tee Shot.JPG07 Angry Swing 08 What a Twat.JPG08 What a Twat 09 Golfing Fails.JPG09 Golfing Fails

10 Callaway.JPG10 Callaway Ad 11 Car smash.JPG11 Car Smash 12 Golf Tricks.JPG12 Golf Tricks

13 Ernie Els Whoops.JPG13 Ernie Els Whoops 14 Wife gets kidnapped.JPG14 Wife Kidnapped 15 Phil Mickleson Backwards.JPG15 Mickleson Trick

16 Golf Swings.JPG16 Golf Swings 17 Girl takes lesson.JPG17 Girl Takes Lesson