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News - Winter 2018

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Gallery Widget - The Latest Winners

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Phil Klaus Memorial Day 4 Man Ambrose (Select) – 24-11-18

2018_Winter_Winner_39.JPGSo the final day of the winter 2018 season arrived and as is tradition, the boys chose their partners for the Phil Klaus Memorial 4 man Ambrose event.

A big thank you to the course for arranging sit in carts for those who wanted an easy ride. It’s greatly appreciated.

Scoring is always hot in these games, but the winners score was sizzling. With 12 Birdies and just 1 boggy, the group of Robbo, Stevie G, Marty & Churchy had a gross 60, which gave them a ridiculous net score of 51.25.

Coming home in second place was the team of Louieeee, the Prez, F-Me and the Dobbinator, who must have thought their 55.25 would win the day, but unfortunately it wasn’t even close!

After the game, the club supplied steak, chips and salad for the hungry lads and the rest of the trophies were given out, including the Prick of the year award. By default, this went to a very happy Puddles, after initial winner Billy passed it on. As Puddles said, it’s the only thing he’s won all year!

In other news, we have some photo’s from the trophy night, thanks to Razor, to have a look please click on this link.

So as winter finishes, next week sees the start of the more relaxed summer comp. 6:am is the tee off time and please remember that “No club shirts are to be worn”

Please book in via Wayne by Wednesday evening. Use SMS or phone 0432439239 or use Facebook or the web site.

President V's Captains Teams Stableford – 17-11-18

2018_Winter_Winner_38.JPGWith the presentation night on later in the day, a slightly earlier tee off time was arranged for the yearly battle between President and Captain’s teams for yearly bragging rights.

Normally Matchplay is the order of the day, but with an odd number, it was Stableford that was chosen and the scores were combined to decide the winner.

Coming out on top this time was All the Presidents men, with a score of 281, defeating the Captains bunch, who managed 269

No prize giving or fund raising a after the game, as the boys had to head of and clean themselves up for the function.

For some photo’s from the night, thanks to Razor, please click on this link.

2 Man Ambrose (Drawn) – 10-11-18

2018_Winter_Winner_37.JPGA warm day was on display as the boys who turned up for a fun game of 2 man Ambrose. Teams were drawn out the hat, which always throws up some interesting combinations.

Due to an odd number, we had one team of 3 and as it turned out, they ran away with the win.

Razor, Churchy and The Prez coming in with a net 57

Second place went to Jarrad & The Postie on 60, while Pius and Hoppy had 62.25.

Being Ambrose, there are no Handicaps changes applied.

Next week and we have the annual Trophy Presentation night. Numbers are locked in, but if you still want to come, please contact Derek Lees ASAP.

There will be an earlier tee off time of 10:50, with nothing going on after the game, to give you time to get home, showered, shaved and…………. suited up in your finest, then making it back to the course function room (same place we had the quiz night).

To play in the game, which is the annual President V's Captains Teams Matchplay, please book in via Derek Lees by Wednesday evening. Use SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

November Monthly Medal & Medal of Medal- Stroke – 3-11-18

2018_Winter_Winner_36.JPG21 guys ignored the incorrect threat of thunderstorms and fronted up for the running of the last Monthly Medal of the winter season, which also doubled as the play off for the Medal of Medal event, being fought out by those players who have already won a Monthly Medal event over the last 12 months.

During the course of the year, Billy Buscumb stamped his authority with two monthly medal wins, so he started as one of the favourites and after a weeks practicing down south and he didn’t disappoint, running away with the event, with a very ice round of 68 to claim his third win and being crowned the Medal of Medal winner.

Coming second and needing a countback, was the in-form Prez, who had a 70, beating his good buddy Louieeeeeee, who had to settle for third.

2018_Winter_Winner_36a.JPGBeing monthly medal time, we always announce the NAGA award and this was the closest battle of the day, with the two Derek’s needing the closest countback in the clubs history, going all the way to the 18th hole to decide the………….loser. And the winner, err, we mean loser was Del!!! (let’s not mentioned that Blake Disqualified himself)

The weeks are fast running out for the winter season of 2018 and we have a fair bit on. The clubs annual trophy presentation night is set for Saturday November 17th at the Maylands course from 6:30pm. Tickets are only $15 per person, with partners highly encouraged to attend. Selected trophies will be presented, along with a 3 course meal, drinks (until the tab runs out) plus a DJ to keep us entertained. If you haven’t already, please let us know if you are coming along.

Also, we need to vote on the 2018 clubman award ASAP. This can be anybody who you feel has done their bit and beyond for the club.

Click on the email link below to make your nomination, please include your name AND club number as well please

Next week and we have a fun 2-man Ambrose event. Please book in via Derek Lees by Wednesday evening. Use SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

Now this Tuesday is the Melbourne Cup and Kev has asked that we show you the special draw he has done for his sweep. Click for bigger view. Prizes given out next week (we hope)






Weekend Away – Ambrose & Stableford – 26 & 27-10-18

2018_Winter_Winner_35.JPG2018_Winter_Winner_35a.JPGThe usual air of anticipation surrounded the running of the popular weekend away, as 30 players, partners and mates set off to the glorious southwest.

The weather was absolutely perfect as the boys arrived at Harvey golf course, which was in fine condition. Ambrose was the event, with select teams coming together in search of annual bragging rights.

A highlight of the round was at the half way point, with every player enjoying a 5-B. That’s Billy’s, Big, Beautiful, Bacon Burgers!!! Move over Hungry Jacks and McDonalds, there’s a new player in town!!! Thanks Billy for cooking up a storm.

2018_Winter_Winner_35b.JPGThe A-Team were defending champions, but with a changed line up of Marbuck, Big Al, BJ & the Postie, the big hitters couldn’t put it together on the day and had to settle for second place this year, with a score of 66 for a 60.75.

Smashing them out of the park in first place with a miraculous score of 65 for a 55.5 are our new champions of Angry, Jarrad, Carl & Kill-R. We believe that their success was due to the “blinding” performance that Carl put in, carrying the boys the whole way around. He even chipped in for birdie on the 17th, just to make sure the trophy was safe. Thanks to Kiwi for the team photo's below.

Saturday morning, saw a new course and a few sore heads. Some didn’t even make it, as the Alcohol was slowly leaking from their livers! The Sanctuary golf resort in Bunbury was the venue for the Stableford round, as the boys set off in search of individual glory.

No one was expecting the result though, including our winner “Robbo” who wound back the clock coming in with 37 points.

Second spot, in a count back went to Churchy, while third went to Billy with 34 points.

2018_Winter_Winner_35c.JPG2018_Winter_Winner_35d.JPGSaturday night saw everyone turn up at the local Bunbury Band Hall for a fantastic roast dinner and desserts, along with plenty of fluid to wash it down. A big thank you to our caterers in Sue & Cathy, who sure know how to put on a great spread.

The fundraising was in full swing, with Robbo returning to spin the Wheel of Misfortune, while Del made sure those who had made misdemeanours over the week, were duly fined. Including star of the show, Sergeant Major Dobbie SIR!!!

Thanks to all involved for organising the weekend away, it’s not as straight forward as everyone thinks, but we trust that everyone who turned up, enjoyed themselves.

In other news, make sure you have put your name down with Derek Lees, for the clubs wind up and trophy presentation night. Saturday 17th November from 6:30pm. Tickets are only $15 per person, with partners highly encouraged to attend. Selected trophies will be presented, along with a 3 course meal, drinks (until the tab runs out) plus a DJ to keep us entertained. The game that day, will kick off at an earlier time, to be advised.

Next week we have the last monthly medal for the winter season, along with the medal of medal event. Stroke is the format, make sure you book in with Derek Lees by Wednesday evening, use his mobile of 0419-192-863 to SMS, call or use the clubs website page or Facebook.

2018_Winter_Winner_35e.jpg 2018_Winter_Winner_35f.jpg 2018_Winter_Winner_35g.jpg

2018_Winter_Winner_35h.jpg 2018_Winter_Winner_35i.jpg 2018_Winter_Winner_35j.jpg

Captains Trophy - Stroke – 20-10-18

2018_Winter_Winner_34.jpgOnly 17 players turned up to fight out the so-called Prestigious Captains Trophy, but even the Captain was late for his own trophy game. (Car troubles we hear)

We’re thinking the weather scared a few away, either that, or they’re saving themselves for the big weekend away.

After a slow first couple of holes the game sped up so much that there were big gaps in the field, the biggest being the second group which was easily more than a fairway behind the first, with the third group not much closer either, but with a clean run it added up to an earlier than normal finish which is always welcome.

Scoring was of a high calibre too, with scores of 70 only getting an honorary mention.

However, at the top of the tree and coming in third with a nice 69 was Steve “Hoppy” Hopkins. Second place went to Gavin “Puddles” Allen with a very nice 68.

But the Captains trophy winner is Richard “Churchy” Church with a very, very nice 66. Hoppy was so furious, he took one stroke from his Handicap for good measure!! (well, not really, Golf Link does that)

Well done Churchy, it looks like your Little (chopped off) Piggy really did go to market!

In other club news, please note, last Saturday’s game was the final week for the Eclectic and Points score events, however, the final results will not be posted until after the winners have been presented at the end of the season.

Speaking of which, put in your diary now, Saturday November 17th as the night for the clubs Trophy presentation night wind up. This is being held at the function room at Maylands. Tickets are $15 per person, which is highly subsidised. Price includes a three-course alternate drop meal, DJ, dancing and of course drinks (until the tab runs out that is, then purchase your own thereafter)

Wives, partners and significant others are encouraged to come along. (just not all three at once)

So next week is the annual weekend away. Harvey on Friday (Ambrose) 10:30am start. Saturday is at Sanctuary, 11:30am, draw will be done just like any other week.

Now please bring cash for Friday and Saturdays game ($35 & $40 respectively) You will need to pay Billy Buscumb at the course on Friday and he will sort things out. After nine holes at the cross over, he will also have his very own “special” hamburgers ready for us to devour. (thanks Master Chef Billy).

Saturday night we have a club function at a close by hall, dinner and drinks included, kicking off around 6:30pm, eating from 7pm. Bring plenty of cash for the fundraising and fines!

Drive safe and we’ll see you there.

If you’re want to play the week after (3rd November) for the Monthly Medal stroke event, please book in via Derek Lees by the following Wednesday evening. Use SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

Over/Under 55 & October Monthly Medal - Stableford – 13-10-18

2018_Winter_Winner_33.JPG2018_Winter_Winner_33a.JPGWith the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting Armageddon a number of Wooses stayed away, as the thought of constant rain and thunderstorms saw only 18 guys front up for the running of the over/under 55’s major trophy event, which was combined with the running of the October monthly medal.

Well the wooses shouldn’t have worried, as the promised weather didn’t eventuate, except for a shower at the start. It couldn’t have been that bad, as even the fairest weather golfer, the Prez, turned up!!!!


2018_Winter_Winner_33b.JPGStableford was the format and without a doubt, we had one very clear winner, with “the boy from across the ditch” Grant Morrough having a day out, scoring an impressive 42 points to win both the Over 55’s event and the Monthly Medal prize as well. As can be seen in the picture below, he’s enjoyed playing with his balls!


Winning the under 55’s and being runner up in the Monthly Medal was BJ who had a nice round of 39 points.

Runners up in the over 55’s, was “Mr. C-Grade” Razor, with 34 points and flying in for a visit was Kill-R, who was warming up for the weekend away. His 36 points also saw him take third in the Monthly medal.

It wasn’t all smooth for Kill-R, as the wombat forgot to bring an umbrella. As he set off down the first two holes, he was getting a drenching and was running between his partners buggies to shelter under their umbrellas.

Sick of doing this, he put an emergency call into the pro shop and got Wade to personally bring out a brand new umbrella at the cost of 40 bucks. Be splendid with his shiny new umbrella, the rain stopped for the remainder of his round and he never got to use it at all.

So onto next week and we have the running of the Posties favourite event, “The Captains Trophy”. Stroke is the format and it’s you last chance to get warmed up for the pending weekend away.

Please book in via Derek Lees by Wednesday evening. Use SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

Club Championships Round 3 (Final) - Stroke – 6-10-18

2018_Winter_Winner_32.JPG2018_Winter_Winner_32a.JPGPlenty of nervous tension in the air as the front runners turned out for the final round of the 2018 Rosehill Social Golf Club Championships.

With it all to play for, the top guys played off at the back of the pack and kept us guessing all the way to the end.

So after 3 weeks of stroke, it came down to just 2 shots to decide the winner and a popular one at that, as TWFSL, Manoj Fernando broke through to be named 2018 Club Champion. Well done Manoj, the club is very happy for you. Runner up (in a countback) was Stevie G, who pipped Churchy.

2018_Winter_Winner_32c.JPG2018_Winter_Winner_32d.JPGThe A-Grade result was the same as the overall, but in B-Grade, it was Churchy who comfortably won the day by 5 shots over Dashing Derek Lees. While in C-Grade it was a very happy Ray Razor Close who shot the lights out, winning by a massive 14 shots, from runner up Eddy Lorenti.

In the Handicap event, the A-Grade winner was Blake Tilley who was just 2 shots clear of TWFSL. In B-Grade, the clock was well and truly wound back, as The Prez, Kevin Pearce was in fine form taking the win, from Churchy who was 3 shots back. In C-Grade, Eddy got some revenge by pipping Razor by just 1 shot. All scores can be seen in the pics.

2018_Winter_Winner_32b.JPGCongratulations to all our scratch and handicap winners, well played boys!

In the overall daily event, the winner was Blake Tilley who had a nice 68, being 3 shots clear of Bill Scrambles Egberts on 71, who needed the countback to keep The Prez at bay.

Now next week we have a dual event, with the running of the October Monthly Medal and the popular Over & Under 55’s event. Stableford is the format.

So make sure you book in via Derek Lees by Wednesday evening. Use SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

Stuff the Football (Pink Ball) - Stableford – 29-9-18

2018_Winter_Winner_31.jpgWith the 2018 Premiers doing their thing on the big stage and most of the club watching it, just a handful of blokes, who’s team didn’t make it, turned up at a wet Maylands for a game of Stableford “Pink Ball” in a modified teams event.

The rain cleared over the afternoon and the boys made the most of it, especially our winners being the team of Uncle Ray, Stevie G and Churchy with a score of 50 points, who look suitably impressed holding the trophy and their respective Pink Balls!

Runners up were the team of Puddles, The Dobbinator, Marbuck and the Postie, who were waaaaaaaay back in second on 30 points.

Next week we have the running of the final round of the 2018 Club Championships with plenty still to play for.

Could you please make sure you book with Derek Lees by Wednesday evening. Use SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

Club Championships Round 2 - Stroke – 22-9-18

2018_Winter_Winner_30.JPGWith the mighty Eagles playing at home in the big semi-final and the hope that the course would be quiet, the boys turned up for round two of the 2018 club championships, in absolutely stunning spring conditions.

Mind you, once again many a fancied player had very ordinary rounds, with none of the “top guys” making a break for it.

All the results are in the pictures, or by clicking on the results page, but the round two summary sees an interesting situation at the top.

In the main Championship our leader in A-Grade is Jimmy Wyatt on 168, but nipping at his heals is B-Grade leader Churchy on 169 and with talk of Jimmy not being able to make the final round, could Churchy be the overall clubhouse leader going into the final week?

2018_Winter_Winner_30a.JPG2018_Winter_Winner_30b.JPGTWFSL is holding down second spot in A-Grade on 172, with Hoppy one shot back on 173.

The second place B-Grade player is Billy Buscumb on 173 and flying into contention is Derek Lees on 175, after winning the overall daily game.

C-Grade sees Razor a full 9 shots ahead on 194, with Eddy in second place on 203 and the Birthday Boy Robbo in third on 204.

In the Handicap event, the A-Grade leader is TWFSL on 146, with Jimmy on 149, followed by Hoppy & Blake both on 151. B-Grade has Churchy on 142, with Billy just one shot back on 143 and Derek Lees on 145. C-Grade has Eddy in front on 149, just one shot ahead of Razor on 150 and Robbo on 157.

The overall daily winner was Derek Lees with a sensational 65, who was a massive 5 shots clear of Jimmy who needed the countback to hold off Churchy, both on 70. Hoppy couldn’t wait to get home and punch in the scores to see how much he could carve from Derek’s handicap.

2018_Winter_Winner_30c.JPGNow in other news, it appears TWFSL has been doing a little bit of overtime and saved up his pennies enough to get himself a new car.

Have a close look at the picture, as he’s saying goodbye to the guys on Saturday at a brand-new Mercedes CLS 350. To be fair, it’s only a lazy $150,000 worth. Things must be looking up in the pressing, rolling, welding and fabrication game!!!


So, onto next week and with the Eagles playing in the Grand Final, a number of guys will be taking a break to watch the game. But for those who still want a hit, we have the Annual “Stuff the Football” game.

The club championships will conclude the following week, starting with breakfast before the game.

To put you name down for next Saturday though, please contact Derek Lees by Wednesday evening. Use SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

Club Championships Round 1 - Stroke – 15-9-18

2018_Winter_Winner_29.JPG30 guys turned out, some very, very early to warm up on the driving range, as they did their best to get a good start in the 2018 Club Championships and be crowned the top Rosehill player, via 3 rounds scratch golf, so in short, “real golf”.

However, the club is split into A, B & C Grades, so that everyone has a chance to take a major trophy home. Also, the Handicap Championships are run in tandem, which gives players even more opportunities.

Gradings are: A-Grade 0-13. B-Grade 14-20. C-Grade 21+.

Finally, each week, there are “Daily” winners based on handicaps, so even if you think you are out of the running, there is still something on offer.

The course was in good knick and the weather was fine, so what were the excuses that saw many a fancied player come home with very ordinary scores???

2018_Winter_Winner_29aa.JPG2018_Winter_Winner_29bb.JPGAll the results can be seen in order by grade by clicking on the pictures, or by clicking on the results page, but in summary, we have a very tight A-Grade leader board, with Hoppy and Grant showing the way both on Gross 84. They are one shot ahead of TWFSL on 85.

B-Grade has Churchy on top with Gross 86, followed by Billy on 87 with Ridgy and Uncle Ray both on 89.

C-Grade sees Razor 3 shots clear on Gross 99, with Eddy on 102 and Robbo on 106 holding down third.

In the Handicap event, the runaway leader is Blake, who unfortunately didn’t clock up enough games to qualify for the Stroke event, but made up for it in the Handicap event. His Nett 67 is 5 shots clear of both Grant and TWFSL, who are on 72.

In B-Grade, it’s Uncle Ray who used his handicap to the best advantage with a Nett 71, with a 3-way tie for the next spot between Churchy, Billy & Ridgy all on 72.

C-Grade has Eddy on Nett 75, two shots clear of Razor on 77, with Whitey making an appearance in third on 81.

The overall winner on the day this week was the man holding all his balls, Blake on 67, with Uncle Ray runner up on 71 and Grant taking third on 72 after a 5-way countback!

2018_Winter_Winner_29c.JPGNow some of you may be unfortunate, err, I mean fortunate enough to get a weekly update on all things sport from that intrepid reporter “KK”. (The Prez). He’s always banging on about his view of the Mafia run AFL and of course bagging the Eagles, in particular Nick Nat No Stats.

But it looks like even KK has jumped on the Eagles Bandwagon (well, Cart, as the picture shows) and he is now supporting the Eagles all the way for the 2018 flag. Just to clarify, his hand symbol is indicating that he thinks the Eagles can beat the Tigers “twice” this season!

So, onto next week and round 2 of the championships. Now this is very important.

TEE OFF ON SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 22nd IS AT 11:10am. Don’t be late.

With the Eagles playing, hopefully the course will be quiet. Book with Derek Lees by Wednesday evening please. Use SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

Away Game at Armadale – Ambrose – 8-9-18

2018_Winter_Winner_28.JPGThis week saw a change of course for the club, due to a corporate day at our Maylands hone, so a trip to Armadale’s beautiful “The Springs “ 9 hole course was arranged with a Drawn game of Ambrose being the order of the day.

And what a great Par 34 course it is, with perfect but very undulating greens providing a challenging putting surface for the five groups of four and one group of three who arrived to play, be splendid in Gold and Black.

With Melbourne like weather (all four seasons in one day) the conditions varied enormously when playing the nine holes for the second time around.

But it was the group of three in BJ Morley, Louie Didge and Mr. Lover, Lover Robbo, who did a great job to come in second with a Nett 57.4.

However, our winning group with a five under par round of 63 and a Nett 56.5 were Neil “Billy” Buscumb, Greg “Ridgy” Ridge, Steve “Hoppy” Hopkins and The Fat Controller “Stevie G” Grey.

Well played boys!

TWFSL was on photo duty and got a few nice shots that we share with you. Click on the pic for a bigger view.









Now onto next week and we have the “Big One” for the year, with the running of the three round 2018 Club Championships, including the running of the Handicap Championships.

Gradings for the event will be:

A-Grade 0-13.

B-Grade 14-20

C-Grade 21+.

Please note, whatever Grade you start in, is what you will play in for all three rounds, regardless if your handicap changes during the event. You will however, use your changed handicap. If you’re not clear on this, please speak with the match committee.

Please book in via Derek Lees by Wednesday evening please. Use SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

September Monthly Medal – Stableford – 1-9-18

2018_Winter_Winner_27.JPGThe first day of spring saw another perfect day and even though there was no footy, again the public seemed to stay away which was great and meant a smooth flow and relatively quick time for the 29 players who ventured out to try and win one of the last three-monthly medals on offer for this year.

Scoring was hot at the top but below average for most of the field. Coming home in third place with a nice 38 points was Gavin “Boomdoggy” Butcher but lost the countback to Ray “Razor” Close also on 38 points.

But our runaway Monthly Medal winner with 41 points was the grey-haired maestro in Neil “Billy” Buscumb who has been on a real hot streak of late BUT don’t forget to check that Handicap Billy as you have lost yet another stroke!!!

After the game there were numerous complaints about the near pins with Martyn “Whitey” White forgetting to put out, not One, not Two, BUT Three pins!!!! We think that Whitey was struggling being in the first group and all that added responsibility, as while he was walking down the Twelfth fairway he was asked to check the pins and said “the next pin is the Second Shot on the ELEVENTH” Go Figure?

Now listen up guys, next weeks game is at Armadale Golf course with a 10:30 am tee off with a Drawn Game of 4 man Ambrose. Please note: There is NO Alcohol available at course, so its BYO if you want one, Churchy will be bringing an Esky for your drinks. The wheel of misfortune will also be on offer too.

Don’t forget to book via Derek Lees by Wednesday evening please. Use SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

4BBB – Stableford – 25-8-18

2018_Winter_Winner_26.jpgA perfect spring day, yet the course was not packed? So what happened, well nobody knows really, other than the Ladies didn’t show up.

However, from our club we had 18 guys who did turn up for a game of 4BBB Stableford and they weren’t complaining about things, with maybe the exception of some really slow groups of public, however, kudos must go to our intrepid course marshal “Wade” who was out and about, speaking with one of the groups and asking them to “park up” and let the club through.

But out in front (and we mean this literally) were the two Derek’s, that is Russell and Lees, who were not only a group of two, but were also the first group out on the course.

As such, they sliced through the public, playing through 3 groups and carding a very nice 48 points in the process and taking the win.

They were two points clear of the second placed pair of FM and the Dobbinator, who had 46 points and just won the countback from Eddy and Big Al Prodger also on 46 points, they had to settle for third.

Highlight of the day goes to Sendo, who had a very nice Eagle 3 on the par five fourth hole, while the lowlight of the day goes to Carl SS Anderson who, two weeks ago, volunteered to repair our beloved wheel, but ran out of time???? and returned the wheel this week only for it to be worse than Fv<#!^& before!!!

Now onto next week and the cub is going to feed you again, as its monthly medal time. Similar to the month before, the club is putting on another breakfast, however, this time, it will be a buffet breakfast at the course at 10:30am. Don’t be late.

Now a heads up, the following week, we can’t play at Maylands, so we are going to play Armadale at 10:30am (BYO alcohol if you want)

Bookings via Derek Lees by Wednesday evening please. Use SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

The Presidents Trophy – Stableford – 18-8-18

2018_Winter_Winner_25.JPGAnother beautiful day, saw the obligatory public come out of hibernation, but also 32 of our players turned out to make an impression with the running of what one member considers to be the highlight of the year, The Presidents Trophy.

Stableford was the format and scoring was hot, with a number of players in the hunt.

Coming home in third spot and needing a countback to do it was Ray “Razor” Close who had 39 points. The unlucky one, was Lawrie “Truck” Wishart, who had to settle for fourth, but took joy in winding back the clock with a masterful display.

Second spot went to Gavin “Boomdoggy” Butcher. Or is it “Poodoggy” (after a round that contained constant flatulent interruptions). 40 points was his score.

However, in a runaway performance, we have Bill “Scrambles” Egbert, who had an absolute day out, coming home with a massive 43 points.

2018_Winter_Winner_25a.JPGBill was so excited, as the picture shows, he nearly choked on his balls! Hoppy was also salivating at the thought of what this is going to do to Scrambles handicap.

After the game, it was time for the regular fundraising, with the spinning of “The Wheel of Misfortune”. Just one slight problem though. We had no bloody wheel!!!

The Swedish superstar, Carl SS Andersson, took it home the week before to give it some running repairs. Unfortunately, it is now in multiple pieces in his shed, as apparently IKEA don’t stock the required spare part. Next week, we’ll have 10 spins to make up for it. That is assuming it’s been put back together!

In other news, we have had to make some major changes to the running of the club championships, after the course has told us that they have a major lock out on what was supposed to be round one on September 8th.

Therefore, on September 8th, we are arranging a fun game at El Caballo. The week after, September 15th, we kick of the championships with round one. Round two will be the week after (22nd), but then there will be a break of one week, as the AFL grand final is on the 29th. Round three (the final round) of the championships with be on October 6th Check the fixture page for the latest.

Also, coming up at the end of October, is the annual weekend away. We are playing Harvey on the Friday and Sanctuary in Bunbury on the Saturday. A flyer will be out soon, asking you to tell us if you are going and who you will be sharing with.

Players pay for their own accommodation and games, but sharing rooms cuts the costs substantially. Also, on the Saturday evening, the club is putting on dinner and drinks at a nearby hall, when we give out the prizes and have a bit of fun.

So onto next weeks game and we have a game of 4BBB stableford. This is a “select your partner” event, so choose wisely.

Bookings via Derek Lees by Wednesday evening please. Use SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

Canadian Foursomes – Stroke – 11-8-18

2018_Winter_Winner_24.JPGA perfect winters day saw 26 players arrive for a game of Canadian Foursomes - select, with some very interesting pairings.

But this can be a cruel game with alternate shots if one or both players have a bad day, and so it was with two scores of nine on the first hole as well as numerous scores of eight.

This added up to five teams with Nett scores over eighty, but of course a still soggy front nine did not help.

And the winners were!.................Second place went to the father son team of Sandbaggers in Angry and Carl who overcame their natural instinct to protect their handicaps and card a nice nett 73.5.

First place went to a couple of A Graders in Jimmy Wyatt and BJ Morley with a stroke score of 75 which was a nett score of 70.75.

Joke of the day goes to Carl Andersson who, after watching Eddy and Big Al, commented that they were playing Catholic Golf? (ACROSS HERE AND ACROSS THERE)

Shot of the day goes to Stevie G who while practicing hitting balls into the river on the Fourteenth Hole actually MISSED THE RIVER!!! Now that’s hard to do.

Next week’s game is the very prestigious “Presidents Trophy“ played via a game of Stableford. Let’s hope the weather is nice so the Prez actually makes an appearance!

Bookings as always via Derek Lees by Wednesday evening please. Use SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

August Monthly Medal – Stroke – 4-8-18 & Russian Stableford – 28-7-18

2018_Winter_Winner_23.JPG2018_Winter_Winner_23a.JPGA new month and as always this comes with the running of the Monthly Medal, this time with a game of stroke.

The day started with eggs & bacon as we decided to feed everyone before, rather than after the game. Free food brought a few extra guys out of the woodwork, but not all stayed for the game, which they blamed on the worst weather we’ve seen all year, with strong winds, and driving showers blowing through all day.



But once those Pussy’s left, there were still 22 guys who took to the course, which was wet!!! It had water in places we’ve never seen before and as can be seen in the picture below, the Andersson clan even tried to turn their cart into a boat in search of a wayward shot.

2018_Winter_Winner_23b.jpegComing out on top, was the “wirily old fox” Neil “Billy” Buscumb who had a net 69, which is impressive in those conditions.

He was one shot clear from 2nd placed Scotty, who had 70. 3rd placed was taken by Martin Page who had 71, pipping Bill “Scrambles” Egbert in a countback.

As is the tradition (this year) Captain Wayne announce the Monthly Medal NAGA and this month it went to Dashing Derek Lees, who “raised the bat” and came in with a net 86.

After the game, the results were also given out for last week’s game of Russian Stableford, which were held over while the quiz night took centre stage.

A few eager participants where keen to know who won, but before this was declared, it was announced that Stevie G nabbed himself an Eagle on the 11th. Nice one.

In the main game, coming home third was the paring of Marbuck and yet another Andersson son, this time a visiting Glen, who had 65 points. Second went to the pairing of Razor & Whitey, who had 69.

2018_Winter_Winner_23c.JPGBut our winner was the single player of Manoj. We say single player, as there was an odd number, so he had to play as best he could and then a partner was drawn out of the hat from the rest of the guys, to become his mystery partner. This lucky bugger was Deano and the pair combined to come home first with a whopping 75 points.

In other news, don’t forget that we have the Club Championships coming up in September, with the first of 3 rounds occurring on Saturday the 8th. For those who have not played the jewel in the club’s crown before, to qualify you must of played a minimum of 10 club games prior to the 8th. The only exception are guys who have been injured or sick. (like Churchy and Angry’s respective fingers) So, please double check how many games you have played to date, with only 4 events left to ensure you can qualify.

Now next week we have a game of Canadian Foursomes, which is a two-man team event and you can select your partner.

Bookings via Derek Lees by Wednesday evening please. Use SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

2018 Quiz Night – 28-7-18

2018_Winter_Winner_22.JPGA massive 114 contestants filled the capacity of 15 tables, as we ran the 2018 Rosehill Social Golf Club Quiz Night at the Maylands course function room.

Fantastic prizes on offer, with thanks to our loyal sponsors, as it was eyes down and thinking caps on to see who would come out on top with 8 rounds of 10 questions.

Categories ranged from General Knowledge to Sports, Music to Maths, with something in there for everyone.

And along the way, we had plenty of fund raising and give-a-ways, with a monster raffle, numerous games of Head & Tails and of course a very special “Adult Raffle” which included an overnight stay in the brand new Aloft Hotel and $200 worth of “Goodies” from, which was won by a rather shy and embarrassed looking Razor!

We also had 3 different bottles of top quality spirits on offer, 2 won by sliding a gold coin along the floor, which went to Angry and Whitey, but the hardest one of the lot was the putting comp with the wonky ball, which was “nailed” by Grant, somehow getting a “toucher”???

2018_Winter_Winner_22a.jpegBut in the main quiz, we ended up with a very close fought battle, well at the top anyway, but for the record, at the bottom, coming home in last place we had the table known as Beavis & Butthead, which was lead by no other than the Maylands course maestro “Wade” and his team. Pleased to say that they didn’t go home empty handed.


At the top, coming in third on 67 points was the team of “Mark from Como & Seven” which included our very own Dashing Derek Lees. This table did rather well, also bagging, not one, but two major heads and tail prizes!

Second spot was taken out by “Below Par” comprising of other Maylands club locals, which was arranged by Samantha, who now has bragging rights over the other two tables she brought along.

2018_Winter_Winner_22b.jpgHowever, there can only be one winner and that was Rosehill’s own “Floggers”. A table of 7 which included the Brainiac’s of Sendo & Stevie G. Part of their winnings included 4 games of golf, including carts at Maylands, with thanks to Wade & the team for donating this.


Finally, big thanks also goes to Kennedy and the team from the bar & kitchen, who kept everyone full & hydrated, plus the Prez wanted to thank Sharon & Derek for running the show and lets not forget Dashing Derek Lees, Billy Buscumb & TWFSL, who helped get the cash rolling in.

Most importantly, thank you to all that turned up and dug deep, hopefully having some fun and picking up some great gear along the way.

2018_Winter_Winner_22c.JPGFull scores and the final standings can be seen in picture. Click for a larger view.

As for Saturdays golf game results, these will be announced at the course next week after the game, which is the August Monthly Medal played via a game of Stroke.

Don’t forget that the club is putting on “BREAKFAST BEFORE THE GAME” so make sure you get there much earlier than normal for a free feed. From 10am onwards. Also, we will be back to our normal tee off time as well.


Please book in with Derek Lees. Wednesday evening is the deadline. Use SMS or phone 0419192863, or use Facebook, or the web site.

Stableford Bowl Round 2 - Stableford – 21-7-18

2018_Winter_Winner_21.JPG2018_Winter_Winner_21a.JPG2 weeks in a row of crap weather, but this time back at Maylands for the running of the final round of the Stableford Bowl Championship.

Heavy rain spread across the afternoon made things soggy under foot, but it was great to still see 24 hardy souls front up for the game. Well, make that 25 as we had one extra visitor showed up before the game. It was good to see Ray Reichard up and about, as he turn up with some Quiz Night prizes and to say hello to the guys.

Ray’s still recuperating after his Jim’s Gutters franchise, didn’t quite work out as planned, but we hope it’s not too much longer before he can have a game.

With no public, or any other club out on the course, we were given 2 tees and despite the conditions, we finished in very quick time.

In the daily event, it was Postman Pat who was running red hot with the putter, coming in with a storming 44 points to take the win. He was 4 shots clear of our own Lucky Leprechaun, Pius O’Keeffe, who had back to back 40 points.

Third spot was taken by Uncle Ray with 39 points, needing the countback and pushing Dashing Derek Lees into fourth.

So, in the main event, the Stableford Bowl, it was Pius O’Keeffe who came out on top with a 2-round total of 80. The very fast finishing Wayne Finnerty was just one shot back on 79 taking the runners up spot. Well played gents.

2018_Winter_Winner_21b.JPGFull scores and the final standings can be seen in picture. Click for a larger view.

Now onto next week and (in case you’ve been living under a rock) on Saturday evening it’s the running of the 2018 Quiz Night. We are sold out, with 15 tables booked, so if you have booked in with Del, please make sure you’re at the function room by 7pm to get things started and don’t forget to pay your $10 at the door. Also, please remember, no BYO nibbles, but the kitchen will be open to satisfy your hunger, along with the bar to quench your thirst..

Because of the quiz Night, our Saturday game is teeing off much earlier at 10:20am. Don’t be late!!! There will be none of the usual fundraising or prize giving on the day, so you can head straight off after the game to get your glad rags on and get back to the course ready for 7pm.

Bookings via Derek Lees by Wednesday evening please. Use SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

Away Game El Caballo - Ambrose – 14-7-18

2018_Winter_Winner_20.JPGWith Maylands being out of bounds due to a course lock out for a corporate day, a bunch of the boys decided to “head for the hills” well, El Caballo to be precise.

The weather wasn’t too kind, with showers blowing through, but this didn’t seem to deter our winners in Stevie G, Churchy, Scotty and Bill, as they had 69 off the stick for a nett 60.625.

Coming home second were the A Team, who, for this event anyway, were the B Team, as Marbuck, BJ, Little Dave and The Postie missed out by the closest of margins, after scoring a 68 for a nett 61.125.

Impressive scoring on a demanding course, especially in those conditions.

Next week we’re back at Maylands for the second and final round of the Stableford Bowl.

With plenty of guys in the hunt, the winner could come from anywhere, as they chase Deano down!

Bookings as always via Derek Lees, no later than Wednesday evening please. Use SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

Finally, don’t forget the Quiz Night is happening in two weeks. We’re pleased to say the “House Full” sign has gone up, with 15 tables now being sold, which is our capacity.

However, if you promised a prize or you can still get anything that we can use, please bring it along for Del next Saturday.

Matchplay Final (Part 2) July Monthly Medal & Stableford Bowl Rnd 1 – 7-7-18

2018_Winter_Winner_19.JPG2018_Winter_Winner_19a.JPG168 hours and 15 minutes is now officially the longest game of golf in Rosehill history. That’s how long it took to decide the winner of the 2018 Matchplay final, with Hoppy eventually taking the prize on the 19th hole (1st for Saturday) after last week’s issues. It was such a close finish, with a very unlucky Manoj just missing out. Congratulations to both guys who put on a great display.

With the Matchplay over after one hole, both guys could then concentrate (if that was possible) on the other proceedings of the day, which was the dual running of the July Monthly Medal and Round one of the Stableford Bowl major trophy event.

With a total of 30 players in the hunt, there were some competitive scores, but coming out on top and winning his very own Rosehill shirt was the Man in the Hat, Dean Talbot, who racked up 40 points.

2018_Winter_Winner_19b.JPGIt was close, with Pius O’Keeffe returning from another 4WD adventure and in great form, also scoring 40 points, but missing out in a countback and having to settle for 2nd place.

Taking our third was Bill Egberts, who is revelling in finally having a handicap, coming in with 39 points. Also, obviously wanting to get a mention in the day’s activities, was BJ, who dropped and 18-inch putt for Eagle on the 4th.

But back at the top and not only winning the Monthly Medal, Deano is also the clubhouse leader after one round of the Stableford Bowl. Round two will be in two week’s time on July 21st and there are heaps of players in the hunt, with Del, BJ, The Prez, Stevie G and Ridgy only 2 or 3 shots off the leaders, with plenty more nipping at the heels as the full list will show. (click on it for a larger view). In round two, there’s plenty to play for.

2018_Winter_Winner_19c.JPGOne guy who might struggle to win the Bowl in is the Monthly Medal NAGA winner and this time, much to everyone’s surprise, it was Jimmy “Marbuck” Wyatt, who, as can be seen in the picture, was showing his opinion of this esteemed prize.

But at the top, it really was Deano’s day, with the club deciding who was going to win the Special $200 voucher that was on offer for all new members who joined in 2018.

6 guys in the running and “The Wheel” was used to pick the lucky winner, with the picture shows Deano’s joy!

So, onto next week and we are playing “away” as the Maylands course is locked out with a corporate event happening. So, it was decided that a 4 Man game of Ambrose at El Caballo is the way to go.

Tee off time is 10:30 and you can select your team, so it will be fun to see who pick who and who will get bragging rights.

Bookings are a must, and you must contact Derek Lees by Wednesday evening please. Use SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

Matchplay Final – Rest 2 Man Ambrose - 30-6-18

2018_Winter_Winner_18.JPG2018_Winter_Winner_18a.JPGChilly but fine conditions on display for the 33 guys who showed up to witness the running of the 2018 Matchplay Final.

The course was in the best condition it could be, after Fridays running of a Pro-Am event, which even saw GUR’s marked, Tee Boxes set all the way to the back and some of the hardest Pin placements seen in a long time.

And speaking of long time, that’s exactly what the game took. It was incredibly long, so long in fact, not everyone got to finish, with the last groups desperately using the lights on their mobile phones to guide them home.


It was a real shame and it appears to be that the course put on way too many groups in front of us and the regular ladies groups, causing a car park of buggies banked up on many tee boxes on the front nine.

2018_Winter_Winner_18b.JPGThe back nine moved a lot quicker, but unfortunately the damage had already been done. It was too dark to get everyone home. As can be seen, Stevie G also had to get his mobile phone flash light out, just to do the results.

Please note that we will be speaking with the course management over the coming week to understand what went wrong and to avoid a repeat in the future.

In the Matchplay our two finalists, Manoj and Hoppy, started the game at the rear of the field, but with the obvious delay, we would like to thank the three groups banked up on the 8th tee, who let them play through in the hope of getting a result.

So how did they finish up? Well they didn’t. With Manoj just keeping his nose in front for the whole round, he was 1 up going down the 18th, but it was Hoppy, who lived up to his now famous good fortune, chipping in for birdie and tying things up.

All square after 18 and no daylight left to play the sudden death. So, at this stage, we do not have a winner. The match committee are still working out the finer details, but it is likely the two guys will have to continue their epic dual next Saturday as part of the regular competition.

As for the 31 other guys, they had a game of 2 Man Ambrose. Well to be correct, 30 of them did and one potential new member “Berner” played a game of stroke. Welcome Berner, please note, we don’t get late finishes like this normally and we hope to see you back, even if you are a mate of Whitey’s!!!

As the last groups couldn’t finish their games properly, it was decided to make the Ambrose a nine hole event, meaning our winners were The Postie & BJ on 31.87, followed by Blake & Boomdoggy on 32.37, with Scotty and Puddles taking third on 32.75.

2018_Winter_Winner_18c.JPG2018_Winter_Winner_18d.JPGIn other news out on the course, a quick look at the pictures and you will see that the club has invested in smiling Garden Gnomes as Tee Box markers.

The one of the third is particularly cute.

Not wanting to miss out on the action, we have the rest of the group joining up with Camera Hog “Little Dave” on the 8th tee. Actually, it’s a nice picture guys. Could Rosehill have 4 new super models?

Also, please note guys that in 2 weeks (July 14th) we cannot tee off at our regular 11:30 spot. The match committee are looking at alternatives and will be advising shortly.

Onto next week and with then new month, the fixture card is showing its Monthly Medal time via a game of Stableford. It also is showing round one of the Stableford Bowl championship, which is played over two weeks, but with the following weeks venue being in doubt, we’re not too sure about this event at this stage.

Either way, after the game the club is putting on some nibbles to enjoy.

Please book via Derek Lees, with Wednesday evening being the deadline please. Use SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

Good luck to Manoj & Hoppy

Matchplay Semi Finals – Rest Stableford - 23-6-18

2018_Winter_Winner_17.JPG2018_Winter_Winner_17a.JPGEven nicer weather than last week greeted the 22 guys who turned out on Saturday for a hit. Are we sure this is the middle of winter???

It was Matchplay Semi Final time for the final 4, with the other 18 trying their luck with another game of stableford.

In the main event, the first game was TWFSL who lined up against Louieeeee. Things were tight early on, but Manoj managed to push away over the back nine to win 5+3.

In the other game Del took on the ever reliable Hoppy, with this one going right down to the wire, Hoppy prevailing 1 up on the last (for the third week in a row!!!)

2018_Winter_Winner_17b.JPGSo as can be seen in the photo, Manoj and Hoppy are set to do battle in the 2018 Matchplay Final. Forget the sledging, these boys are serious, with fists ready to fly. Naaaaaa, not really, there both big pussycats, but it should be a fantastic game though. Hard to pick a favourite. Good luck to both of them.

In the Stableford game, there were some very impressive scores handed in, which also saw a Virgin come of age, well to be precise, it was Deano who took his first win at Rosehill with a very nice 43 points. Congrats on the breakthrough.

Coming home in second spot 2 shots back was Ridgy, who carded 41 points, while in third spot we have Bill Egberts who jumped up on the final podium step, with 39 points. Well played guys.

In other news, the Quiz Night is getting close now, being held at the course function room on Saturday evening July 28th. Many thanks to the guys who have already supplied prizes, and those who have promised something, but we are still desperate to get some more stuff in.

Dinner, bottles of wine, corporate give-a-ways, anything you can think of please.

Also, tables are filling fast, make sure you let Del know ASAP if you are coming and who is on your table. We’d hate to see any club members miss out.

Finally, the boys want to wish Ray Reichard a speedy recovery after he took a serious tumble from a ladder recently. He was in hospital for some time and we believe he is home now recuperating. All the best Ray, take it easy.

So next week while our finalists are in the Matchplay, the rest of us will be playing a game of Two-man Ambrose. This is a select your partner event, so choose wisely.

Bookings via Derek Lees, the deadline as always is Wednesday evening please. Use SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

Matchplay Quarter Finals – Rest Stableford - 16-6-18

2018_Winter_Winner_16.JPG2018_Winter_Winner_16b.JPGWith the Matchplay getting serious now, it was left to the other 12 guys who showed up to have some fun with their own battle via a game of stableford.

Mother nature put on an absolutely beautiful Winter’s day, so no excuses available in that department for anyone.

In the Matchplay quarter finals, we had a couple of close games and two “very” close ones.

TWFSL was out to prove his worth against the top seed in Stevie G as they traded blows over the round, with Manoj finally getting over the line 3+2.

The second match saw the Italian Stallion, Louieeeee in devastating form putting on a relentless display, taking out hard fighting Razor 5+3.

This will see Manoj & Lou go head to head in game one of next week’s Semi-finals.

In the other side of the draw, it was Del who had a Titanic battle with Little Dave in a seesawing affair. All square after 17, Del only claimed victory in a putt out on the 18th to win 1 up.

In the final game, it was Hoppy who had to battle all the way against Deano, who wouldn’t lie down. Once again the game went all the way to the last hole, with Hoppy holding on to win 1 up as well.

So it’s Del and Hoppy who will line up in the other semi final.

2018_Winter_Winner_16a.JPGIn the Stableford event, we saw a “Grand Master” put on a display of his own. The Prez, along with his trusty sidekick “Truck”, or as we now refer to them, “Statler & Waldorf”, shared a cart and tore up the fairways, allowing The Prez to actually score more points than his beloved Carlton did, to win the Stableford game with 44 points.

Funny thing was, before the game, the Prez was complaining to Handicapper Hoppy that his handicap of 21 was too high.

Guess what Kev!!!!

So with the semi-finalists decided, we wait another week for the rest of us to have another game of Stableford.

Make sure you’re booked in with Derek Lees by Wednesday evening please. Use SMS or phone 041919863 or use Facebook or the web site.

Also, don’t forget those Quiz Night prizes please and to let Del know ASAP if you want a table reserved on the night.

Matchplay Finals Top 16 – Rest Stableford - 9-6-18

2018_Winter_Winner_15.JPGWith the forecast showing a major storm due to hit later in the day, well done to the 5 guys, not in the Matchplay, who fronted up for a game. Most surprisingly we were graced by the presence of The Prez. The Fair Weather Phantom turned up even though everyone said it was gonna chuck it down with rain.

He clearly knew something that the others didn’t, as all the boys stayed dry for the entire round, if not a little blown away. Almost as a prize, the five guys got to tee off first in their very own game of stableford, which was won by Puddles, who came home with 38 points!

However, the main event of the day was the running of the 2018 Matchplay Championships. The top 16 qualifiers (or those who could play the entire event if successful) battled it out in an effort to progress to next week’s quarter finals.

2018_Winter_Winner_15a.JPGResults threw up a few upsets too, with a couple of the fancied runners bowing out. Mind you, the number 1 seed Stevie G wasn’t one of them, as he came out on top against last minute call up, The Posite, 2+1.

In the closest game of the day, Hoppy pipped The General 1 up, while in the upset department, another emergency call up, Deano did the business over number 2 seed Big Al, 2+1.

TWFSL said “I do” beating the Bridesmaid 2 up. While Russell Crowe had a big win over FM 5+4, which was the same score that Del had over Billy.

Having 14 shots up his short sleeves, Little Dave beat BJ 4+3, while the biggest win of the day saw The Italian Stallion get over Carl 6+5.

So onto next week and we will see Stevie G play TWFSL. Russell Crowe and The Italian Stallion will lock horns. Del and Little Dave do battle and finally Hoppy encounters Deano. Good luck to the final 8.

The rest of the guys will be playing Stableford and with the weather looking good, you need to make sure you’re booked in with Derek Lees by Wednesday evening please. Use SMS or phone 041919863 or use Facebook or the web site.

June Monthly Medal – Par - 2-6-18

2018_Winter_Winner_14.JPGNice to see Churchy pop down to say hello before the game, as he recovers from a nasty work accident that’s kept him out of the game.

Great weather too as 26 players went out at the end of an Irish Ambrose day. As their event was a shot gun start, the first half of the game was nice and quick, with no one else out there, until some public came out to play later in the day.

With the start of the new month its Monthly medal time, this time sorted out with a game of Par.

No excuses (other than compete lack of ability) could be offered, with the course and conditions being perfect.

Coming home in third spot we had Ruthless Ray Reichard with an impressive +3, beating Marbuck and The Postie in a countback.

Second spot went to Sensational Sendo, who was on his own on +4, but our winner on +5 was the Bearded Bandit BJ, who’s bumfluff is now full bush. Does the club have it’s first “Hipster”? Well played mate.

2018_Winter_Winner_14a.jpgAt the other end of the score sheet, we have the Monthly Medal NAGA winner and this month the salubrious honour goes to the Happy Northerner “Whitey”. Not well played mate.

It wasn’t all plain sailing out on the course though as Little Dave found out, when the Irish lads were driving around the course in street vehicles to collect all of their sponsors signs.

His ball was collected perfectly by one of the tyres and the picture shows the result. No amount of persuading from his group would see him “play it as it lies”!!!

Now next week sees the running of the 2018 Matchplay Championships, with the first round seeing the top 16 playing off in the knock out format.

2018_Winter_Winner_14b.JPGAt this stage, we have all players confirmed, with the exception of Jimmy, who will not know if he’s allowed to play until late in the week. Therefore, we have put up 2 versions of the draw. One with and one without Jim. Click on the pic for a larger view.

At least those involved can see who they might be playing, with Dean waiting in the wings on standby waiting for the call up if required.

Don’t forget for those not involved in the main event, there is still a game of stroke to keep everyone entertained. To book in don’t forget to contact Derek Lees by Wednesday evening please. Use SMS or phone 041919863 or use Facebook or the web site.

Finally, once again we remind you that the 2018 Quiz Night is on Saturday July 28th and we are still asking you to see if you can get “anything” that we can use for prizes. Discount vouchers, Tangible gifts, Corporate give-a-ways, basically anything you can get your hands on. Please speak with Del if you need any more info. We also add Stevie G an BJ to list of members who have got something for us.

Irish Stableford – Stableford - 26-5-18

2018_Winter_Winner_13.JPGWith the promise of the real ugly weather blowing through prior to midday, it was a very brave 20 players turned up in the hope of staying dry as they took to an almost empty Maylands course, to play in the Irish Stableford modified scoring teams event.

It was very blowy and a few showers still hit, but boy, was it a quick round!!! This was joyous to the 5 teams who had to combine their scores bit by bit over the 18.

On holes 1-6 the best score was taken, 7-11, the best 2 scores counted, 12-15 the best 3 were recorded and finally everyone’s score counted on the final 3 holes. Definitely a fun format.

Needless to say, some big results came in, but none bigger than the 99 points amassed by Puddles, Scotty, Russell Crowe and Elvis. Their faces were beaming with pride as can be seen. Well done guys!

Coming in second a massive nine shots back on 90 were the team of Billy, The Bridesmaid, Little Dave and TWFSL.

2018_Winter_Winner_13a.JPGNow it appears that Russell Crowe (a.k.a. Razor) is in a bit of “Team Form” of late. As it’s come to our attention that Razor has been “Moonlighting”, by playing in the recent API Ambrose tournament.

But “just” playing isn’t good enough for Razor. Oh no, he has to WIN everything!!!. As you can see by clicking on the article attached, he did just that.

Now next week, we are back into the serious stuff again, with the running of the June Monthly Medal, with a game of Par. This is the last time the top 16 seeds will be able to get in a warm up for the following weeks Matchplay championship.

So, if you’re in the hunt for a club shirt and want a hit, make sure you book in with Derek Lees by Wednesday evening please. Use SMS or phone 041919863 or via Facebook or the web site.

Matchplay – Stroke - 19-5-18

With the upcoming Matchplay championships on the June Horizon, it was a good time to get a warm up with a social game last Saturday.

Another great turn up of 27 players, including the return of a previous member Bill Eggbert, who succumbed to the requests of Manoj and Whitey and has come back to try his luck.

The event was drawn (by Whitey) and it threw up some interesting match ups.

The picture shows our winners (click on it for a larger view) but the final results are, in order:

Little Dave dodged an unlucky Lou (Retired).

Grant demolished Derek L, 8 and 6.

Stevie G slid past Sargent Major Dobbie 1 up.

Eddy eliminated Del 3 and 1.

BJ jumped FM 1 up.

Razor robbed Dean 4 and 3.

Big Al beat up Billy 3 and 2.

Sendo scuttled Scotty 2 and 1.

Uncle Ray pounced on Puddles 2 and 1.

The Postie rooted Ridgy 2 up.

Manoj walloped Whitey 4 and 2.

Marbuck crucified Carl 7 and 6.

Robbo & Boomdoggy were all square.

2018_Winter_Winner_12.JPGIn other news, the Quiz Night prizes are starting to come in, with thanks already going to Hoppy, Derek L, Grant and Little Dave, who have arranged prizes, but we still have a long way to go, so please see what you can do and let Del know ASAP.

So onto next week and we have a fun 4 man “drawn” team event to keep you entertained. Irish Team Stableford. The rules are as follows:

Playing as a team of four, all players play out each hole as they would in an individual stableford. On the first six holes, only the best stableford score of the four players is recorded. On the next five holes (holes 7‑11 inclusive) only the best two stableford scores are recorded. On the next four holes (holes 12‑15 inclusive), only the best three stableford scores are recorded. On the last three holes (holes 16‑18 inclusive) all four scores are recorded. Each player must ensure that all names and handicaps are recorded on the card. The card can be marked by any of the four players and countersigned by another member of the team.

Bookings are a must and can be done via Derek Lees with the deadline being Wednesday evening please. Use SMS or phone 041919863 or you can try Facebook or the web site.

Foundation Cup – Stroke 12-5-18

2018_Winter_Winner_11.JPGWhat is it they say in that TV show? Winter is Coming! Pigs Arse it is. With a maximum of 32 degrees, the sunscreen was on and the umbrellas were up as a very healthy number of players fronted for the running of the Foundation Cup Major Trophy via a game of stroke.

A few more new faces too, as Dennis and Razor brought mates along for a hit, with the hope that they will be back.

There was also very large groups of ladies clubs playing in a tournament in front of us, which made for a longer day than normal, meaning that the sun was setting as we gave the prizes out.

In the main event, we saw third spot going the Captain of Vice, Stevie G after a count back against Mr. Lees, both scoring 69. Runner up was the Master of Arms himself, Del, with 66, which for the record included a Moose on the 14th!!!

But our winner and Foundation Cup Trophy taker, by just one shot was Jimmy “Marbuck” Wyatt, with a 65. Nice one Jimmy.

2018_Winter_Winner_11a.JPG2018_Winter_Winner_11b.JPGNow as is the Captains prerogative, for this event he decided that he would include the “least” number of putts, with Wayne supplying a special prize which he purchased himself for the winner. As can be seen in the pic, he was absolutely delighted to have a selfie with the winner, Del who had 25 putts. We’ve never seen Wayne so happy!!!

In other interesting snippets of news, our Brothers-in-laws in Arms, Razor and Manoj had some interesting things they wanted to share.

Razor, a.k.a. “Russell Crowe” was photographed with his very own personal power drink. In honour of his famous Gladiator movie, Razor now only drinks “MAXIMUS”.



As for TWFSL, he wants to warn everyone in the club, that with this late season warm weather, to please be careful of Spiders.

He apparently took a picture of a massive one in the loo when he was paying a visit on Saturday. You have to click on the pic to appreciate just how big it is.


Finally, once again, please remember that we are chasing prizes for the 2018 Quiz Night, which is on Saturday July 28th. Del has given out some introductory letters for you to use and if you haven’t had one, or need another one, please see him for a copy or for any other info.

Next week sees a bit of fun, with a warm up for the Matchplay Championships, with, would you believe it, a game of Matchplay.

Opponents will be drawn out of the hat, so it will be fun to see who you get.

Bookings via Derek Lees please by Wednesday evening, use SMS or phone 041919863 or you can try Facebook or the web site.

May Monthly Medal – Stroke 5-5-18

2018_Winter_Winner_10.JPGThere were a few sore heads on display last Saturday, after the social get together at Churchy’s place, none more that Churchy himself!!!

But with the promise of a shiny new Rosehill golf shirt on offer, plus the chance to qualify for the upcoming Matchplay championship, 29 guys still fronted for a game of stroke in pleasant, if not a little windy conditions.

It wasn’t all plain sailing either with some very ordinary scoring, as some of the boys struggled.

As is the 2018 tradition, after the game Wayne announced the Monthly Medal NAGA and this time, unfortunately, it went to Scotty, who had a…………score to forget. However, in a great show of generosity, he knew he was in for plenty of pain after the game, but he had to leave early, so he coughed up 10 bucks for the fine bucket. Well done Scotty.

At the pointy end, in third spot, with an even par round of net 71 was “The Man in the Hat” Big Al Prodger. Second spot, just one ahead on 70, was The Fat Controller himself, The Captain of Vice, Stevie G.

But our absolute runaway winner with a sensational round 65 was The Dobbinator, Sargent Major Craig Dobbie. Great round Dobbie.

2018_Winter_Winner_10a.JPGThe win automatically puts Craig into the number one seeding for the Matchplay, but unfortunately for him and perhaps fortunately for the rest of us, he cannot play all of the weeks that the event is scheduled (June 9, 16, 23 & 30) so he has given up his spot in favour of others who can. The same applies for Pius, which means our first two reserves, Derek Lees & Ray Wood now sneak in.

Click on the pic to see the current seedings and the reserves. If you’re in the top 16 and cannot play on all of those dates listed above, please let Hoppy know, as this will allow for a full round of games, with no byes.

In Social News, another reminder of the 2018 Quiz Night, which is on Saturday July 28th. Apart from wanting you to attend, what we need firstly is Prizes. We are asking that you look to see if you can get “anything” that we can use. This could be something of a dollar value or discount vouchers, tangible gifts, corporate give-a-ways or anything else you can get your hands on. Del has given out some introductory letters for you to use if needed. Please see him for a copy or for any other info.

Now next week sees the running of the Foundation Cup major trophy, with another game of stroke.

Bookings? Please contact Derek Lees by Wednesday evening please, via SMS or phone 041919863 or use Facebook or the web site.

Life Members / Reunion Day - Stableford – Par 28-4-18

2018_Winter_Winner_09.JPG33 players on hand, 28 degrees in the air, 2 tees to start and 1 potential late afternoon Wedding to be held was the backdrop for the battle of the Annual Life Members Trophy, over a game of Stableford.

It was also Reunion Day and we welcomed back some familiar smiling faces who fitted in like they’d never been away.

A huge thank you goes to Wade and the Team at the Maylands course who provided sit in carts for everyone and all the prizes for the day. It was greatly appreciated.

Scoring was of a very high standard, with only 2 points separating the top 3.

Coming home in third spot was El Capitano, Wayne “The Postie” Finnerty on 40 points. Second spot went to the Happy Irishman in Pius O’Keeffe on 41 points.

But our winner and FINALLY shaking off the Bridesmaid tag and becoming the Blushing Bride was Derek Lees who scored an impressive 42 points. He was so excited, that in true “Northern” Fashion, he celebrated his own wedding reception with a nice Pint of Ale and a large bowl of Chips and Gravy. (who the hell puts gravy on chips???)

2018_Winter_Winner_09a.JPGThe rest of the boys also enjoyed the reception and feasted on pies and sausage rolls, quickly devouring everything on display like a pack of Seagulls.

Speaking of Birds, there was another Rosehill regular who also was in a celebrational mood. Steve “The Fat Controller” Gray, had a “tap In” Eagle on the 4th and this was after just missing out on an Albatross by only 6 inches. Nice one Stevie G.

After the food, we had the promised draw of the $100 pro shop voucher for those regular guys who had paid their annual fees inside the March deadline. (and thank you for doing so) Derek Lees arranged the numbers and Kevin was in charge of spinning the wheel and somehow, between them, they managed to spin up TWFSL, Manoj Fernando, who was so ecstatic at his win, he hugged the Pres in pure joy, much to Kev’s disbelief.

Manoj was also in charge of the new (LOUD) circus music that accompanied the spinning wheel of fortune, creating a carnival atmosphere. It’s a shame Billy had to go home on sick leave, as the song was just for him.

2018_Winter_Winner_09b.jpgFinally, we wrapped up the day with a few laughs, as Del did the Master of Arms and just to be fair, he fined himself and coughed up a note for the bucket, after his greasy hands saw his 3 Wood slip out of his grasp and gently slide across the 18th fairway. As you can see in the picture, it didn’t travel that far for him to walk and retrieve it. (thanks to photographer Hoppy)

So, onto next week and as always, a new month (May already) brings another Monthly Medal. This time it’s with a game of Stroke. It is also the Matchplay Qualification, so if you want to be a part of this upcoming tournament, then this is the week you must play to get your seeding.


Bookings via Derek Lees. Wednesday evening is the deadline please. Use SMS or Phone via 0419192863 or use Facebook or the clubs Web Site.

Finally, don’t forget to turn up at Churchy’s place next Friday for the BBQ (that is if you’ve booked in). Churchy has said that you can park on the lawn if required.

Par Bowl Round 2 – Par 21-4-18

2018_Winter_Winner_08.JPG2018_Winter_Winner_08a.JPGWith Rain and Thunderstorms forecast in the afternoon, amazingly 23 players still turned up to fight out round two of the Par Bowl event and some players didn’t qualify after missing out on week 1.

Very fortunately, the forecasters got it way wrong and it turned out to be a beautifully fine day, which was enjoyed by most. (well the top half of the pack anyway)

Unlike last week when it was very tight at the top, this week, after two rounds it was very tight at the wrong end of the leader board, with three players fighting it out for the overall NAGA All 3 guys finishing the two game total on Minus 14!!!

After the countback was sorted, it was none other than TWFSL himself who won (well lost) the countback with a minus 10 in the second round. He was just ahead of (or behind) Robbo, on minus 9 and Big Al on minus 8.

But at the pointy end of the field we had the daily game results to take care of and our weekly winner was Jimmy “Marbuck” Wyatt, who had +4. He pipped Craig “The Dobbinator” Dobbie into second on +3, with Grant “The General” Morrough taking third on +2.

Now there must be something in the drinking water at course of late, as for the fourth week in a row, we had yet another Eagle and once again it was Hoppy on the 18th. Well done sir.

2018_Winter_Winner_08b.JPGSo for the final overall results please click on the picture, but we’re pleased to say that your 2018 Par Bowl Champ is The Dobbinator who dominated with a massive Four Stroke win, from Pius O’Keeffe who had to settle for the runners up position this time. Well played guys.

In other news, once again, don’t forget the BBQ at Churchy’s place to Friday May 4th. The club will be proving the meat, with Churchy putting on the salads with BYO booze. Book your attendance with Derek Lees.

Next week is another big day out, with the running of the Life Members/Reunion Stableford event. This day is being sponsored by the Maylands course of which we are very grateful. This means that every player will get free use of a motorised cart, so leave your push along buggy at home, as we want every player in a cart please.

If you’re coming along for the game please contact Derek Lees by Wednesday evening to book your spot. You can use SMS or Phone via 0419192863 or use Facebook or the clubs Web Site.

Par Bowl Round 1 – Par 14-4-18

2018_Winter_Winner_07.JPGAnother beautiful Saturday afternoon made for a very enjoyable walk around the Maylands course, with the occasional golf shot thrown in.

The event was round one, of the 2 week Par Bowl Major Trophy event.

Now some people say they don’t like Par, but with the score posted, it’s clear that these boys do.

The best score of the day was +5, or should we say scores! As we had a 3-way tie at the top of the tree and the countback was needed to separate them all.

So our half way leader is Pius “to be sure” O’Keeffe, who had a day out to remember.

Holding down second place is Craig “the Dobbinator” Dobbie, with Richard “Churchy” Church in third.

Whilst those 3 guys are out in front, there are plenty chasing them and as we know with Par, things can change very quickly.

Best of the rest are The Postie on +3, then BJ, Puddles and Stevie G all on +2.

And from that bunch, it was Kudos to BJ who picked up an Eagle on the 4th. Nice one!

2018_Winter_Winner_07a.JPG2018_Winter_Winner_07b.JPGClick on the pic for the full standings.

As mentioned, Pius had a day to remember, as it was also his 300th game. The popular Irishman had no idea as it was announced before the game. Well done on all fronts Pius.

In other news, don’t forget that we have changed the date for the BBQ at Churchy’s place to Friday May 4th. The club will be proving the meat, with Churchy putting on the salads with BYO booze. Book your attendance with Derek Lees.

So next week is round two of the Par Bowl event and with so many players in the hunt, it’s “Game On”!!!

Not booked in yet and fancy a hit, then please contact Derek Lees by Wednesday evening to book in, via SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

April Monthly Medal – Stroke 7-4-18

2018_Winter_Winner_06.JPGA lovely autumn afternoon was on display for the running of the April Monthly Medal as a healthy number of players took to the course.

Scoring was of a high standard too, with none better than our winner, The Captain of Vice, Stevie G who had a day out scoring a net 67 to take yet another new shirt and three balls to keep him going.

It was a close affair, as just one point behind on 68 was Steve Hoppy Hopkins. Hoppy actually parred the back nine, but it just wasn’t enough to take the top step.

And in third spot, again another shot back, was Big Al Prodger, who is finding form of late, this time scoring 69. He needed the countback though, with 2 other players, in the Postie and Churchy, nipping at his heels.

2018_Winter_Winner_06a.JPGSpeaking of the Postie, he upset our very own movie star in Russell Crowe (a.k.a. Razor) and on the weekend of his big auction too. Razor played the shot of his life on the par 4 seventh, to be just 6 feet from the cup and proudly placing his name (and his picture) on the “Best Second Shot” pin.

2 groups later, up pops Wayne to casually drop his second shot in the hole for an Eagle!

To add insult to injury, it was later revealed that Razor three putted for a bogie as well.

In other news, we welcome Martin White to the club. Martin, who is a mate of TWFSL (yes, he has one) had a trial last year, but is now here full time for season 2018. We hope you enjoy yourself “Whitey”.

2018_Winter_Winner_06b.JPGAlso, last week we had a milestone event, as Life Member and “all round Italian guy” Eddy Lorenti played his 1,100th game.

Well done Eddy, that is some achievement.

In Social News, we have two things to let you know about. Saturday July 28th is the date of the 2018 Club Quiz Night. This is always a fun event and even though it may seem a few months away, we are asking that you look to see if you can get “anything” that we can use as prizes. This could be dollar value or discount vouchers, tangible gifts, corporate give-a-ways or anything else you can get your hands on. Please see Del for any info.

Plus, please note we have changed the date for the BBQ at Churchy’s place to Friday May 4th. The club will be proving the meat, with Churchy putting on the salads with BYO booze. Book your attendance with Derek Lees.

Onto next week, as we have round one, of the two week Par Bowl event. This is one of the Major trophies and a tough one to win. Are you up to the challenge?

To book your spot contact Derek Lees by Wednesday evening please, via SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

Hidden Nine – Stableford – 31-3-18

2018_Winter_Winner_05.JPG17 players arrived on a perfect Autumn day and with the public staying away it allowed an uninterrupted thirteen holes before we caught up to another group.

Scoring was hot, with three players having more than forty points, but this mattered little when the Nine Hidden Holes were revealed, with thanks to “The Captain of Vice”, Stevie G, who was running an event for the first time this year, due to El-Capitano going fishing in Esperance.

All this power went to Steve’s head as he decided that the Nine Hidden Holes would be the Front Nine at Whaleback! This resulted in everyone scoring zero, so after a quick explanation of the rules to Steve, another nine holes were chosen, fortunately, this time from Maylands!

The result saw 3 players all on 20 points, which required an extensive countback and saw Brian BJ Morley declared the winner.

The Resident Ranger was followed by the Original Pin Up Boy Jarrad taking the runners up spot from Dave Thomass (Yes, that’s two S’s) who had to settle for third.

The Extra “S“ stands for “Sandbagger” because after having a MASSIVE 25 (Yes that’s Twenty Five) points on the front nine, Dave proceeded to miss short putts and constantly fluff two foot chips on the back nine in an effort to protect his handicap, scoring only seventeen points!

But this didn’t stop Hoppy, as Dave still lost one stroke from his handicap.

Highlight of the day was Big Al Prodger who chipped in for an Eagle on the Eighteenth (that’s two Eagles in two weeks on the 18th) which gave him his best ever score around Maylands of 42 points (but unfortunately this did not even get a mention in the lottery of the hidden nine format)

In other news, “LOCK IN THIS DATE” Friday April 13th

This is when we have our first social gathering, with a BBQ at Churchy’s place. More details to follow, but please keep that date free for you and your “significant other.”

So next week we have the serious stuff on again, with the running of the April Monthly Medal. Stroke is the format.

The Bridesmaid (Derek Lees) has returned from a practice Honeymoon cruise and is ready to take your bookings again, via SMS or phone 0419192863 or use the web site. Wednesday evening is the deadline please.

Bring a Mate / Bill Day – Stableford – 24-3-18

2018_Winter_Winner_04.JPG23 players, including 3 visitors had the thought of rain in the back of their minds, which fortunately didn’t eventuate, as they headed out for a social game of Stableford.

2 of our 3 visitors were mates of Wayne. That must have cost him a bloody fortune to get them both to turn up at once.

Our other visitor was a guest of Robbo!?!?! This surprised everyone, with most thinking that he was actually an Uber passenger that Robbo was holding as hostage!

The Dobbinator arrived late, which is a spot normally reserved for Manoj, but in a massive surprise TWFSL was actually EARLY! and this clearly paid dividends because he stormed to victory scoring a impressive 41 points. Nice one.

Taking second was Greg Ridgy Ridge, one shot back with 40 points, while third place was taken out by Ray “Razor Russell Crow” Close on 37 points, using the count back to pip the Postie.

Also gaining a very worthy mention was Hoppy, who had a “tap in” Eagle on the 18th.

After the game The Prez substituted in the Mater of Arms role and in true Rosehill tradition fined all 3 visitors for not wearing club shirts! We hope al 3 guys will come back again for a hit and perhaps get one of those exclusive club shirts for themselves.

Next week is the Easter break, but the games continue, with “Hidden Nine Stableford” being the format.

Don’t forget bookings for next week must go via Kevin, until Derek Lees sails back into town.

Contact Kev by SMS or Phone via 0403906688 or use the web site by no later than Wednesday evening please.

Par Plus – Par – 17-3-18

2018_Winter_Winner_03.JPGPar is not known as a “favourite’ game of most golfers, with just 22 players turning out for a hit on Saturday, but in an effort to mix things up little, the Postie declared that the game would be “Par Plus”. Same game, but with the bonus of getting additional “+’s” should you birdie or better.

And this bonus was taken to the max by Puddles, who scored a +3 when he Eagled the last hole, the first for the season. Nice one Puddles. Unfortunately, it didn’t help him that much as he still ended up on the minus side of the ledger.

But the player who made the most of the bonus scoring system was our winner “Little” Dave Thomas who had Four +2’s on his way to a final score of +8. You would think that a score like that would see Hoppy taking to his handicap with a sharp knife, but as Dave mostly had “doubles” he only lost one shot.

However…………our second place getter, Grant “The General” Morrogh, who scored +6, wasn’t so lucky. He had no doubles (and would have won a regular Par event) but seeing he is new to the Golflink handicap system, it allowed Hoppy to take a “Chainsaw” to his handicap, lopping off whopping 4, yes Four shots. We’re sure this will equal out over the coming weeks, but at the moment, it is what it is. Sorry Grant.

As for the final podium spot, surprising most, including himself, was third place getter, Derek “Del” Russell, who only had one double on his way to a score of +4. Hoppy was much nicer, leaving his handicap “as is”. Phew!

2018_Winter_Winner_03a.JPGIn other news, it appears we have a budding “Artist” in our ranks. The picture shown is the Nearest the Pin card from the 16th. As can be seen, the first player to get close was everybody’s favourite Sri-Lankan Manoj (MJ) Fernando who has had his caricature beautifully drawn and coloured in by “The Bridesmaid” himself, Derek Lees.

Not long after Del thought “this can’t be true” and knocked MJ off, by drawing a much worse rendition of himself, forked fingers and all, but coming home with the win was Greg “Ridgy” Ridge who could only draw an Arrow to indicate his supremacy.

The “Snake Man” was so happy to knock Del off, he couldn’t concentrate on the rest of the hole apparently and ran off punching the air in delight, while leaving Scotty to carry the Flag for the rest of the group.

2018_Winter_Winner_03b.jpgFinally, on the “I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here” front, it appears we have a “Social Climber” in our club.

Ray “Razor” Close now thinks his new “Russell Crow” look-a-like style is good enough to get the Paparazzi to snap him with other “Celebs” while he’s out and about.

As can be seen in the picture, he’s been rubbing shoulders with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. “Apparently” they popped over to his place for a BBQ, making plans for the wedding. Yeah……..Right!!!

Now next week, we have the popular Bring a Mate day, combined with “Bill Day”. Bill McComb, was a long serving, very popular member of the club and a true gentleman. He very sadly passed away from Skin Cancer some years ago. In his honour, each year the club donates some funds from the day to The Cancer Council, so dig deep please.

And of course, being “Bring a Mate Day, why not “bring a mate” along for a social hit. It’s a great way for them to feel their way into the club, with the hope, they might like what they see and come back for more. We will ensure you get to play in the same group, so they don’t feel left out in the cold.

Most Importantly, bookings for next week AND the week after must go via The Prez, Kevin Pearce, as Derek Lees is taking a well earn holiday.

Book in with Kev by SMS or Phone via 0403906688 or use the web site by no later than Wednesday evening please.

March Monthly Medal – Stableford – 10-3-18

2018_Winter_Winner_02.JPGWith the opening days activities out of the way, the serious stuff began with 27 guys fronting up in the quest to win the first Monthly Medal shirt on offer for Winter 2018.

With strong Easterly winds blowing and only getting stronger, scoring was tough, as can be seen by the winners “lower than normal” rounds.

Having said that, things were still very tight with countbacks needed to separate the top 4.

Coming in fourth and getting nothing more that a mention here, was the Fat Controller himself, Thomas the Tank Engines best friend, Stevie G on 36 points.

The countback didn’t work in his favour as everybody’s favourite Sri-Lankan and Carl’s personal chauffeur, Manoj TWFSL Fernando taking third, also with 36 points.

In the battle for the top two, Greg Ridgy Ridge was miles ahead after scoring 23 points on the front nine, but after Big Al mentioned his fantastic achievement, he said “sod that” and threw the anchor out to protect his handicap (so we say) only scoring 14 on the back nine for a total of 37 points.

Well the anchor worked, as he hasn’t lost a shot, but our Handicapper will always find a way to seek revenge (one way or the other) and so it was Steve Hoppy Hopkins also scoring 37 points who took the win. With a better back nine, he won that countback and also won the first shirt of the season.

Now this year, “Captain Postie” has said that each monthly medal event will feature the announcing of the “sometimes” popular NAGA award and so the first winner for this season is……drum roll please……Dashing Derek Lees!!!

It wasn’t all bad news for the Mancurian though, as he won 2 spins on the Wheel of Misfortune. Unfortunately, though, on his second spin, in his rush to see what number he had spun up, he was convinced he had landed on the BIG one. 50 bucks. His arm raising celebrations were short lived, when he realised he had misread things, actually getting the number NEXT to the 50, which was a whopping 4 bucks!!! When it’s not your day, it’s not our day!

2018_Winter_Winner_02a.JPG2018_Winter_Winner_02b.JPGAs mentioned in the summer news a few weeks ago, we have two new members who have joined and so on Saturday they were presented with their club shirts.

Grant “The General” Morrogh and Scott “Scotty” Michael look gorgeous in their new wardrobes and both are in the running for the $200 pro shop voucher to be drawn later in the year. Don’t forget to bring you mates along for a hit in an effort to getting them onboard as new members and to go into the same draw.

Once again guys, your club fees MUST be paid no later than March 31st, if you don’t, you will be ineligible to win any events. However, we have the bonus for everyone who pays in time will go into a draw for a $100 pro shop voucher!!!

Pay your fees in cash at the club (See Razor or Derek Lees) or direct debit into the club account. BSB Number 306-041 Account Number 418580-2. Please indicate your "Name" and the wording "Club Fees" in the text.

Finally and VERY IMPORTANTLY, there are new procedures in how to pay your weekly fees. The course will now take $29 off you in the Pro Shop “After” 11”00am. So we now need all players to pay $5 to our guys in the bar area “Before” each round. Best to do this when YOU put YOUR tag in the bucket and let us know if you’re playing next week. Remember, no tag then you go into the last group.

Next week we have a modified game of Par, call Par Plus. Should be fun. Bookings via Derek Lees, SMS or phone 0419192863 or use the web site. Wednesday evening is the deadline please.

Opening Day Ambrose – Select – 3-3-18

2018_Winter_Winner_01.JPG.JPG28 eager golfers fronted up for the early 7:30am start for the first game of the 2018 winter season.

It was good to see a lot of the winter boys come out of hibernation, as well as the seasoned summer golfers trying their luck in the traditional opening day Ambrose select event.

The weather was kind too, the course was in good nick, so there were no excuses (apart from rust) to be had.

Taking out the event and returning to winning ways was the “A Team”. Apart from Marbuck, we never quite know who is the “real” A Team these days, but this time around it was Marbuck, Big Al, BJ & the Postie who scored a net 54.75 to take the day. Well done guys.

Mind you it was close…………VERY CLOSE, with the runners up being just 0.125 behind. The very unlucky team was Razor, Little Dave, Uncle Ray and Hoppy. Back luck fellas.

2018_Winter_Winner_01aJPG.JPGAlso in the unlucky bucket was Del, who somehow managed, on the 12th tee, to dispatch the head of his driver, 40 feet to his left and 30 feet up a tree until it came crashing back down to earth. Problem was, the shaft of the club was still in his hand and the tee was still perfectly in the ground! At least the ball went straight. The rest of the boys said it made a nice PING sound.

Not wanting to break any rules, he didn’t borrow any other drivers from team mates Billy, TWFSL or the Bridesmaid, but this proved a little difficult on the 14th, as the video download inbedded in the picture below will show.

2018_Winter_Winner_01bJPG.JPGAfter the game, the boys were treated to a feast of fish and chips, as well as the presentation of the Monthly Medal shirts and the Club Champ jumpers. The wheel and the Master of Arms also made a welcomed return.

Now as a reminder, please don’t forget to pay your annual membership fees of $100 ($50 for Life Members) ASAP. This MUST be paid no later than March 31st, if you don’t, you will be ineligible to win any events. However, we have the bonus for everyone who pays in time will go into a draw for a $100 pro shop voucher!!!

Plus, any NEW members that join will go into the draw for a $200 pro shop voucherto be drawn later in the year. So once again, if you have any mates that are remotely interested, tell them to come along for a hit and try things out. If they decide to join they can pay the $100 membership fee, plus a one off $30 nomination fee, however, this now includes a club shirt, so get recruiting guys!!!

You can pay you fees in cash at the club (See Razor or Derek Lees) or you can pay directly into the club account. BSB Number 306-041 Account Number 418580-2. Please indicate your "Name" and the wording "Club Fees" in the text.

Next week we are back to an 11:30am tee off and we have the first Monthly Medal with a game of Stableford

Bookings via Derek Lees, SMS or phone 0419192863 or use the web site. Wednesday evening is the deadline please.

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