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News - Winter 2018

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Gallery Widget - The Latest Winners

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Par Bowl Round 1 – Par 14-4-18

2018_Winter_Winner_07.JPGAnother beautiful Saturday afternoon made for a very enjoyable walk around the Maylands course, with the occasional golf shot thrown in.

The event was round one, of the 2 week Par Bowl Major Trophy event.

Now some people say they don’t like Par, but with the score posted, it’s clear that these boys do.

The best score of the day was +5, or should we say scores! As we had a 3-way tie at the top of the tree and the countback was needed to separate them all.

So our half way leader is Pius “to be sure” O’Keeffe, who had a day out to remember.

Holding down second place is Craig “the Dobbinator” Dobbie, with Richard “Churchy” Church in third.

Whilst those 3 guys are out in front, there are plenty chasing them and as we know with Par, things can change very quickly.

Best of the rest are The Postie on +3, then BJ, Puddles and Stevie G all on +2.

And from that bunch, it was Kudos to BJ who picked up an Eagle on the 4th. Nice one!

2018_Winter_Winner_07a.JPG2018_Winter_Winner_07b.JPGClick on the pic for the full standings.

As mentioned, Pius had a day to remember, as it was also his 300th game. The popular Irishman had no idea as it was announced before the game. Well done on all fronts Pius.

In other news, don’t forget that we have changed the date for the BBQ at Churchy’s place to Friday May 4th. The club will be proving the meat, with Churchy putting on the salads with BYO booze. Book your attendance with Derek Lees.

So next week is round two of the Par Bowl event and with so many players in the hunt, it’s “Game On”!!!

Not booked in yet and fancy a hit, then please contact Derek Lees by Wednesday evening to book in, via SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

April Monthly Medal – Stroke 7-4-18

2018_Winter_Winner_06.JPGA lovely autumn afternoon was on display for the running of the April Monthly Medal as a healthy number of players took to the course.

Scoring was of a high standard too, with none better than our winner, The Captain of Vice, Stevie G who had a day out scoring a net 67 to take yet another new shirt and three balls to keep him going.

It was a close affair, as just one point behind on 68 was Steve Hoppy Hopkins. Hoppy actually parred the back nine, but it just wasn’t enough to take the top step.

And in third spot, again another shot back, was Big Al Prodger, who is finding form of late, this time scoring 69. He needed the countback though, with 2 other players, in the Postie and Churchy, nipping at his heels.

2018_Winter_Winner_06a.JPGSpeaking of the Postie, he upset our very own movie star in Russell Crowe (a.k.a. Razor) and on the weekend of his big auction too. Razor played the shot of his life on the par 4 seventh, to be just 6 feet from the cup and proudly placing his name (and his picture) on the “Best Second Shot” pin.

2 groups later, up pops Wayne to casually drop his second shot in the hole for an Eagle!

To add insult to injury, it was later revealed that Razor three putted for a bogie as well.

In other news, we welcome Martin White to the club. Martin, who is a mate of TWFSL (yes, he has one) had a trial last year, but is now here full time for season 2018. We hope you enjoy yourself “Whitey”.

2018_Winter_Winner_06b.JPGAlso, last week we had a milestone event, as Life Member and “all round Italian guy” Eddy Lorenti played his 1,100th game.

Well done Eddy, that is some achievement.

In Social News, we have two things to let you know about. Saturday July 28th is the date of the 2018 Club Quiz Night. This is always a fun event and even though it may seem a few months away, we are asking that you look to see if you can get “anything” that we can use as prizes. This could be dollar value or discount vouchers, tangible gifts, corporate give-a-ways or anything else you can get your hands on. Please see Del for any info.

Plus, please note we have changed the date for the BBQ at Churchy’s place to Friday May 4th. The club will be proving the meat, with Churchy putting on the salads with BYO booze. Book your attendance with Derek Lees.

Onto next week, as we have round one, of the two week Par Bowl event. This is one of the Major trophies and a tough one to win. Are you up to the challenge?

To book your spot contact Derek Lees by Wednesday evening please, via SMS or phone 0419192863 or use Facebook or the web site.

Hidden Nine – Stableford – 31-3-18

2018_Winter_Winner_05.JPG17 players arrived on a perfect Autumn day and with the public staying away it allowed an uninterrupted thirteen holes before we caught up to another group.

Scoring was hot, with three players having more than forty points, but this mattered little when the Nine Hidden Holes were revealed, with thanks to “The Captain of Vice”, Stevie G, who was running an event for the first time this year, due to El-Capitano going fishing in Esperance.

All this power went to Steve’s head as he decided that the Nine Hidden Holes would be the Front Nine at Whaleback! This resulted in everyone scoring zero, so after a quick explanation of the rules to Steve, another nine holes were chosen, fortunately, this time from Maylands!

The result saw 3 players all on 20 points, which required an extensive countback and saw Brian BJ Morley declared the winner.

The Resident Ranger was followed by the Original Pin Up Boy Jarrad taking the runners up spot from Dave Thomass (Yes, that’s two S’s) who had to settle for third.

The Extra “S“ stands for “Sandbagger” because after having a MASSIVE 25 (Yes that’s Twenty Five) points on the front nine, Dave proceeded to miss short putts and constantly fluff two foot chips on the back nine in an effort to protect his handicap, scoring only seventeen points!

But this didn’t stop Hoppy, as Dave still lost one stroke from his handicap.

Highlight of the day was Big Al Prodger who chipped in for an Eagle on the Eighteenth (that’s two Eagles in two weeks on the 18th) which gave him his best ever score around Maylands of 42 points (but unfortunately this did not even get a mention in the lottery of the hidden nine format)

In other news, “LOCK IN THIS DATE” Friday April 13th

This is when we have our first social gathering, with a BBQ at Churchy’s place. More details to follow, but please keep that date free for you and your “significant other.”

So next week we have the serious stuff on again, with the running of the April Monthly Medal. Stroke is the format.

The Bridesmaid (Derek Lees) has returned from a practice Honeymoon cruise and is ready to take your bookings again, via SMS or phone 0419192863 or use the web site. Wednesday evening is the deadline please.

Bring a Mate / Bill Day – Stableford – 24-3-18

2018_Winter_Winner_04.JPG23 players, including 3 visitors had the thought of rain in the back of their minds, which fortunately didn’t eventuate, as they headed out for a social game of Stableford.

2 of our 3 visitors were mates of Wayne. That must have cost him a bloody fortune to get them both to turn up at once.

Our other visitor was a guest of Robbo!?!?! This surprised everyone, with most thinking that he was actually an Uber passenger that Robbo was holding as hostage!

The Dobbinator arrived late, which is a spot normally reserved for Manoj, but in a massive surprise TWFSL was actually EARLY! and this clearly paid dividends because he stormed to victory scoring a impressive 41 points. Nice one.

Taking second was Greg Ridgy Ridge, one shot back with 40 points, while third place was taken out by Ray “Razor Russell Crow” Close on 37 points, using the count back to pip the Postie.

Also gaining a very worthy mention was Hoppy, who had a “tap in” Eagle on the 18th.

After the game The Prez substituted in the Mater of Arms role and in true Rosehill tradition fined all 3 visitors for not wearing club shirts! We hope al 3 guys will come back again for a hit and perhaps get one of those exclusive club shirts for themselves.

Next week is the Easter break, but the games continue, with “Hidden Nine Stableford” being the format.

Don’t forget bookings for next week must go via Kevin, until Derek Lees sails back into town.

Contact Kev by SMS or Phone via 0403906688 or use the web site by no later than Wednesday evening please.

Par Plus – Par – 17-3-18

2018_Winter_Winner_03.JPGPar is not known as a “favourite’ game of most golfers, with just 22 players turning out for a hit on Saturday, but in an effort to mix things up little, the Postie declared that the game would be “Par Plus”. Same game, but with the bonus of getting additional “+’s” should you birdie or better.

And this bonus was taken to the max by Puddles, who scored a +3 when he Eagled the last hole, the first for the season. Nice one Puddles. Unfortunately, it didn’t help him that much as he still ended up on the minus side of the ledger.

But the player who made the most of the bonus scoring system was our winner “Little” Dave Thomas who had Four +2’s on his way to a final score of +8. You would think that a score like that would see Hoppy taking to his handicap with a sharp knife, but as Dave mostly had “doubles” he only lost one shot.

However…………our second place getter, Grant “The General” Morrogh, who scored +6, wasn’t so lucky. He had no doubles (and would have won a regular Par event) but seeing he is new to the Golflink handicap system, it allowed Hoppy to take a “Chainsaw” to his handicap, lopping off whopping 4, yes Four shots. We’re sure this will equal out over the coming weeks, but at the moment, it is what it is. Sorry Grant.

As for the final podium spot, surprising most, including himself, was third place getter, Derek “Del” Russell, who only had one double on his way to a score of +4. Hoppy was much nicer, leaving his handicap “as is”. Phew!

2018_Winter_Winner_03a.JPGIn other news, it appears we have a budding “Artist” in our ranks. The picture shown is the Nearest the Pin card from the 16th. As can be seen, the first player to get close was everybody’s favourite Sri-Lankan Manoj (MJ) Fernando who has had his caricature beautifully drawn and coloured in by “The Bridesmaid” himself, Derek Lees.

Not long after Del thought “this can’t be true” and knocked MJ off, by drawing a much worse rendition of himself, forked fingers and all, but coming home with the win was Greg “Ridgy” Ridge who could only draw an Arrow to indicate his supremacy.

The “Snake Man” was so happy to knock Del off, he couldn’t concentrate on the rest of the hole apparently and ran off punching the air in delight, while leaving Scotty to carry the Flag for the rest of the group.

2018_Winter_Winner_03b.jpgFinally, on the “I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here” front, it appears we have a “Social Climber” in our club.

Ray “Razor” Close now thinks his new “Russell Crow” look-a-like style is good enough to get the Paparazzi to snap him with other “Celebs” while he’s out and about.

As can be seen in the picture, he’s been rubbing shoulders with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. “Apparently” they popped over to his place for a BBQ, making plans for the wedding. Yeah……..Right!!!

Now next week, we have the popular Bring a Mate day, combined with “Bill Day”. Bill McComb, was a long serving, very popular member of the club and a true gentleman. He very sadly passed away from Skin Cancer some years ago. In his honour, each year the club donates some funds from the day to The Cancer Council, so dig deep please.

And of course, being “Bring a Mate Day, why not “bring a mate” along for a social hit. It’s a great way for them to feel their way into the club, with the hope, they might like what they see and come back for more. We will ensure you get to play in the same group, so they don’t feel left out in the cold.

Most Importantly, bookings for next week AND the week after must go via The Prez, Kevin Pearce, as Derek Lees is taking a well earn holiday.

Book in with Kev by SMS or Phone via 0403906688 or use the web site by no later than Wednesday evening please.

March Monthly Medal – Stableford – 10-3-18

2018_Winter_Winner_02.JPGWith the opening days activities out of the way, the serious stuff began with 27 guys fronting up in the quest to win the first Monthly Medal shirt on offer for Winter 2018.

With strong Easterly winds blowing and only getting stronger, scoring was tough, as can be seen by the winners “lower than normal” rounds.

Having said that, things were still very tight with countbacks needed to separate the top 4.

Coming in fourth and getting nothing more that a mention here, was the Fat Controller himself, Thomas the Tank Engines best friend, Stevie G on 36 points.

The countback didn’t work in his favour as everybody’s favourite Sri-Lankan and Carl’s personal chauffeur, Manoj TWFSL Fernando taking third, also with 36 points.

In the battle for the top two, Greg Ridgy Ridge was miles ahead after scoring 23 points on the front nine, but after Big Al mentioned his fantastic achievement, he said “sod that” and threw the anchor out to protect his handicap (so we say) only scoring 14 on the back nine for a total of 37 points.

Well the anchor worked, as he hasn’t lost a shot, but our Handicapper will always find a way to seek revenge (one way or the other) and so it was Steve Hoppy Hopkins also scoring 37 points who took the win. With a better back nine, he won that countback and also won the first shirt of the season.

Now this year, “Captain Postie” has said that each monthly medal event will feature the announcing of the “sometimes” popular NAGA award and so the first winner for this season is……drum roll please……Dashing Derek Lees!!!

It wasn’t all bad news for the Mancurian though, as he won 2 spins on the Wheel of Misfortune. Unfortunately, though, on his second spin, in his rush to see what number he had spun up, he was convinced he had landed on the BIG one. 50 bucks. His arm raising celebrations were short lived, when he realised he had misread things, actually getting the number NEXT to the 50, which was a whopping 4 bucks!!! When it’s not your day, it’s not our day!

2018_Winter_Winner_02a.JPG2018_Winter_Winner_02b.JPGAs mentioned in the summer news a few weeks ago, we have two new members who have joined and so on Saturday they were presented with their club shirts.

Grant “The General” Morrogh and Scott “Scotty” Michael look gorgeous in their new wardrobes and both are in the running for the $200 pro shop voucher to be drawn later in the year. Don’t forget to bring you mates along for a hit in an effort to getting them onboard as new members and to go into the same draw.

Once again guys, your club fees MUST be paid no later than March 31st, if you don’t, you will be ineligible to win any events. However, we have the bonus for everyone who pays in time will go into a draw for a $100 pro shop voucher!!!

Pay your fees in cash at the club (See Razor or Derek Lees) or direct debit into the club account. BSB Number 306-041 Account Number 418580-2. Please indicate your "Name" and the wording "Club Fees" in the text.

Finally and VERY IMPORTANTLY, there are new procedures in how to pay your weekly fees. The course will now take $29 off you in the Pro Shop “After” 11”00am. So we now need all players to pay $5 to our guys in the bar area “Before” each round. Best to do this when YOU put YOUR tag in the bucket and let us know if you’re playing next week. Remember, no tag then you go into the last group.

Next week we have a modified game of Par, call Par Plus. Should be fun. Bookings via Derek Lees, SMS or phone 0419192863 or use the web site. Wednesday evening is the deadline please.

Opening Day Ambrose – Select – 3-3-18

2018_Winter_Winner_01.JPG.JPG28 eager golfers fronted up for the early 7:30am start for the first game of the 2018 winter season.

It was good to see a lot of the winter boys come out of hibernation, as well as the seasoned summer golfers trying their luck in the traditional opening day Ambrose select event.

The weather was kind too, the course was in good nick, so there were no excuses (apart from rust) to be had.

Taking out the event and returning to winning ways was the “A Team”. Apart from Marbuck, we never quite know who is the “real” A Team these days, but this time around it was Marbuck, Big Al, BJ & the Postie who scored a net 54.75 to take the day. Well done guys.

Mind you it was close…………VERY CLOSE, with the runners up being just 0.125 behind. The very unlucky team was Razor, Little Dave, Uncle Ray and Hoppy. Back luck fellas.

2018_Winter_Winner_01aJPG.JPGAlso in the unlucky bucket was Del, who somehow managed, on the 12th tee, to dispatch the head of his driver, 40 feet to his left and 30 feet up a tree until it came crashing back down to earth. Problem was, the shaft of the club was still in his hand and the tee was still perfectly in the ground! At least the ball went straight. The rest of the boys said it made a nice PING sound.

Not wanting to break any rules, he didn’t borrow any other drivers from team mates Billy, TWFSL or the Bridesmaid, but this proved a little difficult on the 14th, as the video download inbedded in the picture below will show.

2018_Winter_Winner_01bJPG.JPGAfter the game, the boys were treated to a feast of fish and chips, as well as the presentation of the Monthly Medal shirts and the Club Champ jumpers. The wheel and the Master of Arms also made a welcomed return.

Now as a reminder, please don’t forget to pay your annual membership fees of $100 ($50 for Life Members) ASAP. This MUST be paid no later than March 31st, if you don’t, you will be ineligible to win any events. However, we have the bonus for everyone who pays in time will go into a draw for a $100 pro shop voucher!!!

Plus, any NEW members that join will go into the draw for a $200 pro shop voucherto be drawn later in the year. So once again, if you have any mates that are remotely interested, tell them to come along for a hit and try things out. If they decide to join they can pay the $100 membership fee, plus a one off $30 nomination fee, however, this now includes a club shirt, so get recruiting guys!!!

You can pay you fees in cash at the club (See Razor or Derek Lees) or you can pay directly into the club account. BSB Number 306-041 Account Number 418580-2. Please indicate your "Name" and the wording "Club Fees" in the text.

Next week we are back to an 11:30am tee off and we have the first Monthly Medal with a game of Stableford

Bookings via Derek Lees, SMS or phone 0419192863 or use the web site. Wednesday evening is the deadline please.

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